Here we’ll post details of the next Hand and Heart beer festival!

2017 St Georges Beer Festival

20 April – 23 April
20 April at 15:00 to 23 April at 23:00

The usual plethora of real ales, and it will probably be my most creative list now that we are free of tie!  There will be food available at all sessions. Susan’s freshly made rolls & Scotch Eggs, plus usual Greek Salad Pots & snacks.  Burgers etc also available (the range of hot food will vary daily), with the BBQ being lit Friday night, all day Saturday & Sunday afternoon til early evening (weather permitting).

Music on our Garden Stage has already been booked:

  • Friday 21st April, from 7pm – Brotherhood’s Roundabout, supported by Ice Cream Headache
  • Saturday 22nd April, from 7pm – Let There B/DC (support to be confirmed)
  • Sunday 23rd April, from 6pm – Retrolux


Uncle Bram’s Cabin (garden)
Three Blind Mice, Lemon Meranguilla 3.6%
Baker’s Dozen, Magic Potion #2 3.8%
Trés Bien, Common Quail 3.8%
Mithril, Magnificent 7 4.0%
Brewster’s, Bits & Pieces 4.0%
Fownes, The Pale King 4.0%
Doncaster, St George’s Pale 4.0%
Rockingham, Devil’s Rock 4.1%
Blackhill, Jet 4.1%
Baker’s Dozen, System Of A Brown 4.1%
Geeves, Renaissance 4.1%
Market Harborough, Superhop Wai-Iti 4.1%
Heritage, Taxman 4.1%
Tydd Steam, Clr. Marcus Sims 1969-2017 R.I.P. 4.2% (FS)
Xtreme Ales, Pigeon On The Bus 4.2% (FS)
Vale, Hooke 4.3%
Froth Blowers, Gollop With Zest 4.5% (Spare Beer)
Great Heck, Snazzy Beer 4.5%
Yorkshire, Dead Bod 4.5%
Totally Brewed, Single Hop – Cardinal 4.5%
North Riding, Dandelion & Burdock Porter 4.5%
XT Ales (Animal), Buzzard 4.6%
Three Blind Mice, Mr Slurpie 4.8%
Rockingham, Merrello Black IPA 5.0%
Eyes, Milchweisse 5.0%
Beer Nouveau, Horse Wynd 5.1%
Beer Nouveau, Sunny Lowry 5.2%
Three Hills, Sekmet Amber Rye (with Beetroot) 5.2%
Xtreme Ales, Stop The Pigeon 5.5% (FS)
Xtreme Ales, Chocolate Easter Special 6.0% (FS)
Revolutions, Hex Six Hop IPA 6.0%

Bar & Cellar:
Blackhill, Metal Coal 3.4%
Brewster’s, Hophead 3.6%
Brewster’s, Marquis 3.8%
Totally Brewed, Guardian Of The Forest 3.8%
Tydd Steam, Barn Ale 3.9%
Beer Nouveau, Peterloo 4.0%
Beer Nouveau, Rum Porter 4.0%
Cross Bay, Morecambe’s Sunshine 4.0%
Brewster’s, Bits & Pieces 4.0%
Barlow, Beyond The Pale 4.0%
Tydd Steam, Golden Kiwi 4.1%
Tydd Steam, When I’m 65 (Des’s Birthday Beer) 4.1%
Dark Stout, Espresso Stout 4.2%
Brightside, Underworld 4.4%
Market Harborough, Whirlpool Series #2 4.5%
Revolutions, Master & Servant (BIPA) 4.5%
Hilltop, APA 4.5%
Baker’s Dozen, John Doe 4.5%
Beer Nouveau, Irwell 4.5%
Acorn, White Oak 4.5%
Revolutions, Switch #2 (Rakau & Motueka) 4.5%
XT Ales (Animal), Buffalo 4.6%
Three Blind Mice, Gigesa Gugi 4.6%
Brewster’s, Annie E Taylor 4.8%
Magpie, One For Sorrow 4.8%
Acorn, Zeus IPA 5.0%
Nobby’s, American Pale Ale 5.0%
Three Blind Mice, Milk Worm 5.3%
Idle Valley, Indolent Philosopher 5.3%
Three Hills, Anglian Dark Ale v06 5.5%
Great Heck, Styrian IPA 5.9%

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